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El Cerrito Recycling Center Mail Art Show and Workshop

As part of my artist in residence with the El Cerrito Creative Re-Use program, I created a mail art show and a mini-mail-art- workshop-in-an-envelope. All the contents of the mail (minus my business card) were found at the El Cerrito Recycling Center here in California.

On May 5, 2020, I sent out 40 original art pieces in the mail as part of a mail art show. We can't show the work in a Gallery, but we can make our homes the gallery.

The show is fragmented across the US and even to South Korea and France. Along with the original art , I sent out an envelope containing creative art prompts, inviting participants to use flat paper fragments found by me at the El Cerrito Recycling Center. As people respond with images of what they assembled from their unique envelope contents, I will be posting their original artwork here! I also gave myself an envelope and will post my creations here.

Since all the materials in this particular project are from books, perhaps it will inspire you to look at your books with recycling art eyes!

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